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March 05, 2009


Vince Lucena

Excellent job Megan. I bet it took many hours to collect your b-roll as portrayed in your nite/day time lapse sequences.

Scot Sheely

WOW! Awesome job, Megan!

Let's not forget that she also created very cool lower thirds (at least it appears that way to me) and mixed multiple audio soundtracks in a very, very smooth manner that blends perfectly with the visual elements.

Brava! Very inspirational to watch. You just raised the bar up another notch. (fake sarcasm:) Thanks a LOT! Sheesh! (LoL!)

Now we all have to produce even better videos just to keep up.


I sooo want to move there now!

Derek Sanford

That was very well done Megan! I'm curious as to what camera you're shooting with, it produces a great picture!

Megan Sweeney

Hi guys! Thanks for your very nice comments! I wish I made the lower-thirds but that part I can not take credit for:) I used a Panasonic DVX 24p. It may not look like it but it was about 5 degree in Steamboat - so bitter cold - but I think it helped make the sky and scenery look sharper. Glad you enjoyed it...

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