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February 21, 2013


David J. Soto

I'm about to accept my first Yelp job for SmartShoot, but my main concern is the possibility of constant rescheduling by the client. I would recommend that if a job is scheduled and claimed that there would be a rescheduling fee ($50-$100?) if the client decides to reschedule.

In my mind, this ensures low frustration with videographer's schedules.

The SmartShoot Team

Hi - we understand your concern and we work to to keep rescheduling to a minimum while also working to be flexible to the scheduling needs of the customers. We do offer a late reschedule fee to creatives when a customer reschedules within 24 hours of the shoot.


I've have had 2 reschedules within 24 hours and haven't been offered a fee.

The SmartShoot Team

Hey - let us know who you are and what projects and we'll look into it.

Phil Schuylwer

I would like to accept two jobs today but I cant do them on the day scheduled...what do I do?

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