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October 14, 2013


Chris Stone

I really like the new production outline, and the Client FAQ page is a great idea.

Jacob Hodgson

Nice.. looks good.

Einar Johnson

Great job on the new production outline. Really helps the client to know what there involvement will be for the shoot. Would love a version that could be e-signed or used on a tablet in the future.


I just wish you would include the outline on the client side of things so that it is obvious to them that they need to fill it out. Forcing the filmmaker to find their email address and send it to them is a lot more work and time than many of the smaller projects are worth (e.g. Yelp). For custom bid projects it makes perfect sense for us to communicate extensively with the client before the shoot.

The SmartShoot Team

Thanks for the feedback on the production outline. Just to clarify - the Yelp customers automatically receive a copy of the production outline in the email confirmations that are sent when they pick a shoot date and time. Best practice on the production outline is to use it at/before the shoot to help with pre-production.

Steve KLinger

I think that you should be sending the production outline to the client as well. I would make it so much easier if they had this before we call them to discuss the shoot. I really hope you will consider this point.

Jared Tafua

This is great, just a long the lines of Averan many of times clients say they never received paper work from smart shoot for release forms or contracts so I always come with them printed. Can we use the confirmation of filimg date as part of the initial release from business owner? This should help for prepping the client more, but can there be put something in there about shoots going over 90 mins? There are many times even when client says they are "prepared" time goes over.


Hi Folks - answers to your questions:

The customer is definitely being sent the production outline in advance, which includes a reference to the 60-90 minute shoot time.

* However, many customers aren't so good at opening/perusing their emails.

We always recommend speaking to the customer in advance, clarifying the time limits on the Yelp video shoots, and pointing out that they've already received a production outline via our confirmation emails -http://cdn.smartshoot.com/yelp/ProductionOutline.pdf

Thanks again!

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